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Shared meals are part of everyday life at the daycare center. Cooking for children is part of our everyday work. We are committed to ensuring that daycare children can enjoy a lunch every day that is good for their bodies and for our environment. And, of course, we also eat with our eyes. Garnishing with fresh herbs and edible flowers is part of our work.
No favorite dishes should be missing at mealtimes. Cultural and religious aspects are just as important to us. We prefer to choose seasonal and regional fruit and vegetables for our dishes. In this way, children are not only optimally nourished. We also take them on a walk through the seasons and they experience sustainability in practice.
Reducing sugar, salt and fat are our top priorities. Close contact with our customers and regular feedback spur us on to maintain what is tried and tested and to learn new things. We constantly scrutinize our work, attach great importance to transparency, respect the value of food and cook with the intention that as much as possible is eaten.
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What makes
our food
special :

Fresh &


Regional &


No artificial


High Bio-

But that's by no means everything!

Sample meal plans

Our menus reflect the seasons because we primarily source seasonal food. This means we cook more sustainably, the food is fresher, healthier and tastes better too!

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